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Must Know Tips To Be Successful in College

College can be a difficult adjustment for some young woman. I want to help you be the best and most successful college student you can be!

1. Track Your Grades for each class

I wish I had done this sooner. Way too many college students like myself panic at the end of the semester trying to bring that D to C or C to an B and so forth. If you write your grades down in an excel or google drive document for the assignments for each class you will be able to calculate current grade and figure out what you need to make on the other assignments to get the grade you want. Plus it adds a little bit of motivation to do better on the upcoming assignments.

2.  Right down due dates for assignments 2 weeks in advance

No college student likes major assignments to seem to pop up out of nowhere. I think that one thing that has helped me to become a successful college student is writing down assignment due and test due dates in my planner. This as helped me keep track of my assignments so nothing pops up unexpectedly.

3.  Make a daily schedule

Another thing that has helped me be successful in college making a daily schedule. My schedule has helped me keep track of my responsibilities such as interning, completing homework assignments, family objections, working out and hanging out with friends.


4. Find the place you feel the most productive at

At your desk in your dorm, in your bedroom, or at your school’s library find a place you feel the most comfortable studying and are able to focus. Finding a place that you are able to zone out and focus on school is so important to your college success



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