Why I Started A Lifestyle Blog

Venturing into uncharted waters can be a scary & nerve racking thing. I love reading other people’s blog posts like Classy Career, Live Original, and many others. I love their content!

One of the reasons I am starting a blog is to share my experiences with other Millennial women that might benefit from some of my various life experiences. An area in my life that I am passionate about is my career in social media marketing & advancing work opportunities. My work experience is unique from most people in my age range. They have worked on-site rather in my case I have worked remotely ( the ability to work anywhere with access to Wifi). Working remotely was allowed me to work with individuals I would not normally get the pleasure of working with. You will read more about my work life in a later blog post. 🙂

Next up will be my faith. My belief in Jesus has played a massive role in my life ever since I was born, literally! That’s a whole other story in & of its self. My hope for my faith based blog posts will encourage & inspire you within your Christian living.

Finally, the last topic will relate to being a single Christian woman. Being a single Christian woman in this age of digital dating can be a bit difficult. One thing I want I want to say is it’s  okay to be single. Don’t jump at the first guy that comes your way. Take the time that your single to focus on areas in your life that you want to do more with such as mission work, focusing more on your college courses or anything in-between.

My goal for this blog is to encourage other single Christian millennial women to go after their passions.


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