How To Be An Awesome Remote Intern In 5 Steps

Working remotely has its perks but, like anything else like a traditional workplace, it has downsides. There is more to remote work than just having strong internet access. I am here to help you navigate the pitfalls of a remote internship & help guide you into being a successful remote intern!


#1 Find out the best way to communicate with your supervisor

Things can get lost in translation while working remotely due to fact that you will most often not have an in person conversation to go over all the details. In the age of technology, there are numerous ways to get in contact. Some supervisors prefer email for daily communications about your tasks other prefer more instant contact such as Whats’ app or Facebook messager. Ask him or her what is the best way to get in contact with them for day to day communication. Once you have discovered this you are on the road to be becoming a successful remote intern.

#2 Stick to a schedule

As a college student, you have to manage all sorts of things such classes, social life, etc. Things can get overweening at times but if you make a schedule for all your things that need to be completed during the week things can go a lot smoother. Sometimes remote internships have a set schedule to follow such as on Monday & Wednesday there is a group Skype session. You can work around the meet times to fit your school schedule. If your remote internship is more flexible & you can work on your own time then I suggest setting a designated time each day to work on your internship tasks, for example between 2pm-4pm is the time you deviate to your internship tasks. This ensures that you can manage & complete your tasks such week.

#3 Learn to be an independent & Self-motivated worker

Most remote work is done independently. No one is looking over your shoulder to make sure you are doing your work. If you love being around others & they, in turn, motivate you to complete your then most likely a remote internship is not for you. Your supervisor doesn’t have the time or the desire to contact your all the time to make sure you’re working on your duties. As a former manager of a set of remote interns, I  loved seeing them complete their work on time without any or a  ton of follow-up emails to ensure things were being worked on.

#4 Become tech savvy

Technology is great & it allows you to work remotely from anywhere you choose but, sometimes things don’t go as planned. Learn & test out the various applications or software that you will be using during your remote internship. Figure out the most efficient way to resolve your tech problem. For example, if you use a particular software & you need to access but your safari browser is not opening correctly then you should try to open the software on a different bower such as google chrome.


#5 Take Notes

I know what you’re thinking “I already take notes for my classes & I don’t want to take notes for my internship.” Taking notes during your remote internship can be beneficial because you can refer back to them if you have a question about a particular assignment & studies have shown taking notes helps you remember things easier. Also, when you are working on your resume for your new internship or job you can look at your notes to know what you completed during your internship.

I hope you have discovered how to be a successful remote intern.






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