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The Must-Haves on Every Christian Woman’s Reading List

There are millions of books out that people say christian women should read. Well, today I want to share my personal favorites for christian women.  These books work great in the audio version.  The books on my list focus on a variety of topics including faith, general life stuff, dating, and singleness. Some of the books on this list I read completely, some I have read partly, and some come high recommended by some amazing Godly women. 

How To Have Your Life Not Suck by Bianca Juarez Olthoff

Her book is full of beautiful & bold truths that only Bianca could deliver. At the moment, I have finished part of the book & so it is amazing. Part 1 deals with singleness & dating. Part 2 is all about faith & part 3  focuses on be an adult. I love her sermons &  talks that I have found on youtube which made me more excited to read her book. 

The Pressure Trap by Heather Lindsey

Heather Lindsey is one the first christian speakers & peachers I came across on Instagram & Youtube. She is so passionate about Jesus & helping others & speaking God’s truth matter what. This is a must read for anyone in any season of life. Heather discusses about breaking off the pressures of society & the harmful aspects of comparison to becoming who God called you to be. 

The Five Love Languages Singles Edition by Gary Chapman

I have seen this book on almost any christian reading list I have found on the internet. On the 5 love languages website, you can take their 5 love language quiz to discover what your top love languages are. The book dives into the 5 love languages more deeply. Personally, my top ones are quality time & receiving gifts. 

Own Your Everyday by Jordan Lee Dooley

Over the summer, I read Jordan’s book & absolutely loved it.  The book deals with owning your everyday & living your best life by finding your passions. It is a great book to read for anyone that is not sure what their next step in life should be. 

The Sacred Search by Gary Thomas

This is another book that I have not finished reading yet but, has been on my other reading lists. As a single christian young woman we want to make the right choice in regards to a husband for those that want to get married. The book focuses on the topic of  it’s not who you marry but, why you marry that man. 

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