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Youtube Videos That Every Christian Millennial W​​​oma​n Must Watch

Youtube countless has  videos with powerful Christian faith based content. I have compiled a list of a few of my favorites that have greatly impacted my life as a single Christian millennial woman.


The videos below have a variety  topics of interest that include being content, singleness, dating as a Christian  & more!

As Long As You Love Me by Pastor Bianca Oltoff

I absolutely love all of Pastor Bianca Oltoff’s sermons. She delivers the a powerful biblical message like no one else. Bianca’s  message is filled with words of wisdom & faith based romance advice that any woman can learn from. 

Ghosting by Emily Wilson

With humor & real talk Emily dives into the topic of Ghosting.  She provides actual advice on how to rise above the disappointment of ghosting & confront the person ghosting you in a mature matter.

Are You Struggling With Being Content? by Heather Lindsey

I know many christian women that have a difficult time with being content. Many of us desire to be in a relationship, want to work for a particular fortune 500 company, or to travel the world but, in this season of your life that is not happening. Heather gives a powerful message on being content that will rock your world. 

Relationship Series: "Single" by Pastor Cornelius Lindsey

Pastor Cornelius Lindsey takes on the topic of singleness in an amazing way. He talks about what you need to be doing & not during the single season. 

Why Success Will Never Satisfy You || Church Notes by Milena Ciciotti

We all want to successful no matter if that is in our professional or personal life. Milena showcases a biblical background about why success  will not satisfy us. 

XO Series: Part 2 by Pastor Jeremy Foster

Have you ever wondered what makes for a healthy christian relationship? Well, Pastor Jeremy Foster provides you with a powerful message about starting a relationship in the right order. 

Toxic Friendships by Jamie Grace

Personally, I believe that toxic friendships is not talked about enough in christian culture. We hear a ton of stories about toxic romantic relationships but, not friendship relationships. Jamie dives deep into the topic of toxic friendships & gives advice on how to deal with it. 

I hope that these videos help as much as they have helped me. 

Leave a comment below with your favorite christian faith based videos.


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